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About enterprise SPETS-TORG-SERVIS LLC (Spectorgservis)

SPETSTORGSERVIS company is export-oriented. And it works, as a subsidiary of a group of companies operating in the market of agricultural products and having their agricultural area the size of 6000 hectares and its production facilities, feed mill and oil extraction plant.
Our production capacity, can produce up to 500 tons of flour a day, 600 tons of feed and 700 tons of sunflower oil.
Manufacture provide highly qualified specialists on advanced production equipment, using the best raw materials from their own fields.
Due to the special technology of preparation of grain and flour milling, our solicitous has unique performance and whiteness of gluten, which is higher than the established GOST. The lighter meal, the higher the grade. Made of our flour products, has excellent qualities.
We also offer the possibility of specialized milling and flour production with a particular parameters required specifically for you. This means that you have the opportunity to choose the raw material that will produce the best quality finished products, whether bakery, croissants or pastries.
Our professional technology when needed can give recommendations on the use of flour in a particular enterprise, and under specific conditions. Trained to work with her and help debug technology to produce finished products.
The basic principle of our company is the individual approach to each client. All our work is aimed at meeting the needs of our partners to register and fulfill their wishes. Whatever your condition and the specifics of your particular case, you can count on your understanding and cooperation from our side, the willingness to go to the meeting. We make sure to work with us was enjoyable, and we are proud of the result, which is our common success.


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