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Kernels of sunflower confectionery

Kernels of sunflower confectionery
  • Kernels of sunflower confectionery
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Country of manufacture:Ukraine

Sunflower kernels (chishchenny sunflower seeds) are applied in the culinary, baking, confectionery industry. In the food industry the following directions of use of kernels of confectionery sunflower are noted:

  • roasted in a salty look
  • in the raw
  • basis for halvah, gozinaki
  • ingredients of salads
  • at baking of multicomponent bread
  • ingredient in muesli
  • the mixed compositions with honey, oil and salt
  • as nut basis for preparation of confectionery
  • as additive to meat, fish and vegetable dishes
  • as a stuffing and topping on ice cream and pies
  • popcorn from sunflower kernels with sugar
  • light meal to the majority of drinks
  • pelleting by chocolate, sugar, treacle, etc.

Nutritional value of kernels of sunflower such is that allows to refer them to category of the so-called "revitalizing" products. This "frivolous" sunflower, is the real storeroom of health.

The SPETS-TORG-SERVIS company offers a kernel of sunflower of the highest and first grade of own production to sale.

The kernel is made of sunflower of confectionery grades that increases the term of its storage.

Packing: polypropylene bags 40, paper bags of 25 kg, BIGBAG.

Shipment of production is made by motor transport, cars and containers.

The kernel of sunflower of the premium is applied generally to packaging in packages for retail trade, for production of gozinaki, for frying.

The kernel of sunflower of the first grade is used for industrial processing: in the baking industry, the confectionery industry (by production of halvah, gozinaki, candied roasted nuts, sunflower kernel in chocolate, at topping of ice cream, cakes, etc.)

Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Oilseed crop:Sunflower
Information is up-to-date: 15.02.2018

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