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Wheat flour

Wheat flour
  • Wheat flour
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Wheat flour  

Wheat flour - a daily staple, the result of grinding the grains of wheat flour with a specific smell.

Wheat flour is most often used for baking. Flour is baking, confectionery, macaroni. There are the following varieties of flour: the Supreme, the first, second, wallpaper. Unlike grades determined grinding grain size and purity of the shell. Higher COLLATE consists of milled grain core (maximum whiteness, but little gluten content). First grade - flour contains a large amount of gluten, is used for baking a dough. Class II - consists essentially of the outer parts of the grain, darker than Flour and Class I contains more protein, mineral compounds, vitamins B1, B2, PP and E, thus the most useful. Wallpaper (wholegrain) - tselnomolotoe grain without waste, a dietary product. Wheat, whole-wheat flour of our production - it is a unique product that perfectly combines the biological value of the living grain and excellent baking properties. Products made of whole wheat flour have amazing taste and unique aroma, with accentuated notes of bread. Quality indicators flour monitored and confirmed by the certificate of quality by an independent laboratory.
Kind of flour:Wheat
Information is up-to-date: 15.02.2018

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